Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine Review

Did you know Mr. Coffee was established in 1970? I definitely didn’t, but finding this out did fill me with confidence after I had purchased one of their bad-boy coffee makers. 

So, if you’re thinking about getting one too, check out my independent review of the Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine. Hopefully, it will help you decide whether this is the machine for you or you must continue your quest!

My Star Rating

The Design

Honestly, I would describe the design of the machine as simple and smart. There aren’t any flashy features on this espresso maker, which isn’t too much of a surprise considering its price. 

With that being said, everything that does come with the Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker works well and doesn’t require many brain cells to figure out (which was great as I didn’t have many to begin with).

For example, there’s a lid on the top that you can turn easily and fill the maker up with water; it’s nothing revolutionary, but it was easy to do!

Also, the main switch is located on the side of the machine. Again, there’s not much to it; you can turn it one way to activate the steam wand and the other to start brewing your espresso – simple yet effective.

The Price

One of the major attractions of this machine is its price. A quick look at some of the other options you can buy shows you that the cost of espresso machines can vary anywhere from $50 – $5000. 

This is on the cheaper end of the spectrum. That’s why I think it’s perfect for beginners or coffee enthusiasts on a tight budget. It may not have that “wow” factor, but it certainly does everything you need it to do. 

The only downside is that you’ll need to invest in a grinder if you want to make your own coffee grounds. Some machines come with a built-in grinder, but they are usually more expensive. So, if you already have a grinder, that’s great! If not, buying a stand-alone one to use with this machine won’t set you back too much. 

Coffee Taste & Consistency 

After using the Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine for a while, I was extremely satisfied with the quality of the coffee it produced. You can make shots of espresso with ease. Moreover, if you’re in the mood for a latte or cappuccino, the process of making one is hassle-free and quick, and 9 times out of 10 they turned out great!

The only issue I had with this espresso machine was the fluctuation in water temperature. A beginner probably wouldn’t notice the difference, but as someone that has consumed coffee for years, I could tell that espresso’s temperature was usually different from the previous one I made.

If you take into consideration the price, it does make sense that the machine doesn’t have the same precision as some of the more expensive ones. I’ll let you decide whether this is a deal-breaker or not! Personally, I could live with this problem knowing how much I paid for it.

Cleaning The Mr. Coffee

As the machine is relatively small, cleaning it was easy. You can take apart the dip tray, which allows you to give it a good scrubbing now and again. Plus, you can easily add some espresso machine cleaning solution so the interior stays healthy. 

The frother does get dirty quite quickly, and it doesn’t help that the black color highlights the mess even more. So you’ll have to wipe it often, which I found to be a bit of a pain. However, a little bit of elbow grease does the trick, allowing it to continue as normal. 

Machine Specs

That’s A Wrap On My Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine Review

I truly believe this is a great machine for beginners looking to buy their first espresso machine. It has everything you’ll need to brew decent-tasting coffee (well, minus a grinder). 

Although, if you want to look at an espresso machine that does have a grinder (and makes fantastic coffee), check out my review of this fabulous machine.