Laekerrt Espresso Machine 20 Bar Review

I’ve been looking for a great-quality espresso machine for a while. On my travels, I came across this one. So, is it any good or just a waste of time? 

I’ve decided to try it out for myself to see! 

So, read on as I list the pros and cons of this machine (in my opinion) and give you my final review of the Laekerrt Espresso Machine 20 Bar. 

Let’s get started.

My Rating

20 Bar Pressure

The 20 bar pressure that this machine has is a massive benefit and was one of my main reasons for purchasing this. The 20 bar pressure means that, on paper, it should provide the highest-quality espresso.

So, you’re probably wondering whether the taste truly was great, right? Well, I can safely say that I thought the taste really did live up to expectations.  

The Design of This Machine

This is quite a beautiful machine, in my opinion. The blue steel look really creates a timeless look, and I thought it looked absolutely splendid in my kitchen. The mix of blue and bright orange sounds crazy, but it actually suits the machine and goes quite well together. 

It also comes in pink, which looks nice but isn’t the color for me, personally. 

What’s more, the compact design made it easy to fit in any kitchen, no matter how small. I loved this, as the majority of machines I’ve come across are very big and very clunky, so this was a nice surprise. 

Using the Machine

One negative thing I will say about this machine is that the instructions are very confusing, much more confusing than it needs to be. I thought that the machine wasn’t too difficult to learn how to use after a few tries, but the instructions definitely didn’t help. 

Also, there was no water level warning, so I had to check that I had enough water every time I made a coffee. 

But apart from these few things, I thought that overall, it was a great machine. 

Machine Specs

Wrapping Up My Laekerrt Espresso Machine 20 Bar Review

All in all, this was quite a high-quality machine. The design was great, the coffee tasted great, and the cleaning wasn’t too bad either. Although it takes a little while to learn due to the confusing instructions, it’s not too bad, and after a few tries, it came naturally to me. 

However, if you’re looking for a higher-quality machine, why not check out the CASABREWS?

I hope you enjoyed reading my Laekerrt espresso machine 20 bar review. Have you used this machine before? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments below!