Is Iced Coffee Illegal in Canada? You’ll be Surprised

Is Iced Coffee Illegal in Canada

The land of maple syrup and well-behaved citizens (as long as the stereotype is true) has been in the spotlight recently with many people asking: ‘Is iced coffee illegal in Canada?’

Sounds crazy, right? There’s no way that iced coffee could be banned from such a big western country! Well, if this is your thought process, you’re not alone.

Where Did This Come From?

Similar to a lot of things you’ll find on the internet these days, it came from TikTok. A video emerged stating why iced coffee is banned in the great nation of Canada because of the following reason…

Most coffee beans are imported into Canada from Brazil, Columbia, and Guatemala. These coffee beans are different from the ones needed for iced coffee drinks which cost more, so the prime minister that was in power (Stephen Harper) decided to make the drink illegal to reduce expenses.

Is Iced Coffee Illegal In Canada: What’s the Truth?

Not in the slightest. First of all, the explanation doesn’t really make sense. Secondly, the rumor is a great example that everything you see online isn’t always truthful.

By coming to this page you’re living proof that you weren’t convinced when you first heard about it. A good step in the right direction when trying to figure out what to believe and what not to while surfing the web.

Weird Stuff That is Illegal in Canada

Now that we’ve answered: is iced coffee illegal in Canada? Let’s take a look at the stuff you would have never guessed of being banned in the country.

Rats are banned as pets – Yes, you read that right. This law applies to the Alberta province, so if you’re thinking about moving to this area don’t even think about getting a pet rat.

Your parrot is being too loud – Own a parrot? Live in Oak Bay, Canada? Well, you better make sure it isn’t loud, otherwise, a $100 fine could be coming your way.

Fast wifi connection – The internet is a staple of modern living. However, in Uxbridge, Ontario you’ll be breaking the law if the wi-fi connection is faster than 56K.

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