ILAVIE 20 Bar Espresso Machine (Review)

Hi there! Welcome to my corner of the internet where I talk about the latest and greatest coffee equipment, along with the worst that will make you want to reimburse. 

Now we got the cheesy rhyming out of the way, let’s dive headfirst into my review of the ILAVIE 20 Bar Espresso Machine. 

Out Of 5 Star Rating

The Design

When it comes to the design of this machine, I’m happy to report that everything made sense. The interface was simple to understand, the milk frother could be adjusted effortlessly to get the right angle, and the espresso maker didn’t take up much room due to it being compact. Also, I would like to add that the tank can hold up to 1.8 L of water, which I thought was brilliant considering the maker’s size. 

Furthermore, all components that are removable (the water tank and drip tray) could be taken out quickly and easily, which was perfect when I was cleaning the machine. 

In addition, I want to talk about the stainless steel’s durability and look. Yes, using stainless steel made it heavier than plastic makers I’ve used; however, it also made it look like a machine you’d find in a regular coffee shop. 

Lastly, the top of the machine helps to keep clutter to a minimum, with a perfect place to store coffee mugs and keep them warm before use. This feature is amazing. It’s weird that I’ve never seen other espresso makers offer something similar, especially as I’ve reviewed many of them. 

Coffee Taste

This review would be pretty pointless if I didn’t mention the actual taste. After I ground my favorite Ethiopian coffee beans, I popped them in the portafilter and turned on the machine. 

To my delight, the result was a strong and flavorful espresso that had a lot of crema on the top. The PID in the machine produced a consistent water temperature, ensuring that I wasn’t disappointed whenever I had the urge for caffeine.

On a side note, because the ILAVIE 20 Bar Espresso Machine was incredibly fast when it came to heating water, I used it for numerous green teas and hot chocolates. I know this point isn’t anything to do with the machine’s coffee-making abilities, but I thought it was worth a mention, especially if you have family members that aren’t coffee lovers. 

Milk Frother

I don’t have any complaints about the milk frother on this thing. It could be used with complete ease and heated my milk up quickly. Also, it provided me with a tremendous amount of foam that made my cappuccinos look A-star. 

The only slightly negative point I will mention is that the frother will break unless it’s cleaned properly. And by break, what I mean is that it will start squirting water and basically have a mind of its own, no matter what buttons you press. 

So as long as you clean it every month or two, then you’re not going to have any problems. Well, at least I didn’t, and I hope it would be the same for you!


Owning any espresso machine has a downside: cleaning. With that being said, the ILAVIE 20 Bar Espresso Machine made the process bearable. The tank and drip tray could be removed easily, which gave me the ability to soak them every now and again. Also, pouring some espresso cleaning solution into the machine and making it run really helped maintain it. 


Finishing Thoughts

I’m happy to say that this espresso maker passed with flying colors. The coffee tasted good, the machine could be cleaned easily, and it was simple to set up and use. Although, if you don’t already have a grinder, then you may want to look for an alternative.

Here’s one option that’s worth looking at: The CYETUS Machine.