Huanyu Electric Coffee Bean Grinder Review

Recently, I’ve been looking for a good grinder. Like with most purchases I make these days, I browsed the internet to see what options were available.

After becoming very overwhelmed with my choices, I decided to ask a friend, and they referred me to this one. 

So, keep reading as I give you my honest review of the Huanyu Electric Coffee Bean Grinder. Hopefully, it will help you decide whether this is a good choice or whether your quest must continue.

My Star Rating

The Price

Price-wise, this grinder is about average or just above. There are a lot cheaper models that you can buy; however, my experience with grinders is certainly in line with the saying “What you pay is what you get.” 

What you typically find is a lot of the cheap ones are poorly designed, use cheap materials, and end up breaking within a couple of years of use. Therefore, I’ve always looked for mid-range ones, as I’ve tried the cheap route before, which has led me to spend more money than if I just got a decent grinder in the first place!

So what I’m basically saying is there are no red flags when it comes to its price. Huanyu Electric Coffee Bean Grinder isn’t stupidly expensive, nor is it questionably cheap. 

The Design

The design is pretty straightforward. You have a hopper at the top where you input the beans. It can hold a lot (8.8oz), so you don’t have to worry about filling it up constantly, especially if you’re only making espresso. 

On the front of the machine, you can turn the wheel to choose how fine or coarse you want the coffee grounds to be. Now, you only get the choice of 8 grind settings, which I found fine, but if you want more variety, then it may be a good idea to look elsewhere. 

After a quick flip of the on/off switch, the grinder does what it was intended to do. The process doesn’t take long at all, and the end result is coffee grounds that are consistent.

In regards to the actual grinder, I’ll talk about that in detail below. 

The Appearance

I think the main appeal of this grinder is that it’s aesthetically pleasing, at least in my opinion. Everything else it has to offer is pretty standard, but how the grinder looks is what really makes it stand out. 

When I got my one, there were two color options available: green with silver trimmings and white with gold trimmings. I decided to go with the green one as it felt more at home in my kitchen, but with that being said, the other options were very tempting too. 

The Set Up

Once I got this out of the box, putting it together only took a couple of minutes, which I wish I could say for some other grinders I’ve had over the years.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a grinder that can be assembled quickly, then Huanyu Electric Coffee Bean Grinder is the one for you. 

The Grinder

Like all good grinders should be, this one is made from stainless steel. Combine this with the 200w motor, and it’s a recipe for success. I found it to be extremely powerful, grinding coffee beans quickly when I wanted. 

I tried all the settings before writing this review, and each one provided me with a consistent result. 

The Noise

Usually, when I try on grinders, I’m greeted by a sound that I can only describe as sounding like my mother-in-law’s voice. However, I was happy to find out that this one was a lot quieter

So, if you’re looking for a machine that can be used during unsociable hours, then I would definitely recommend it. 


When it came to cleaning the grinder, I was happy to find that it came with a specialized cleaning brush. As a result, I could use the brush to remove any coffee bean residue that was lingering around the chamber. 

Typically, cleaning any grinder for the first time takes a while to figure out what you’re doing. Although, the instructions were very clear, and everything just made sense, making the process very easy. 


Making sure I got a grinder that was going to last a long time was a priority for me. After about a month of using it, I can say that I haven’t had any problems yet. Plus, my friend that recommended the grinder has had his one for roughly two years, and it’s still going without any complications.

I guess time will tell how my grinder holds up, but things are looking positive at the moment! In the past, I had a grinder stop working within two weeks, so at least this one has beaten that record. 

The Draw Backs

The biggest issue I had with this machine was the lack of a portafilter holder. I know it’s not just used for making espresso, but I still feel like for the amount of money you spend, it should include one. 

What I did to tackle this problem was just transfer the coffee grounds from my jug to my portafilter. Doing it this way wasn’t too bad, but a portafilter would have simplified the process. 


To Sum Up My Review of The Huanyu Electric Grinder

Overall, I don’t regret getting this grinder in the slightest. Yes, a few things could be improved; however, for what I paid, I think it is certainly worth it. 

The only advice I would have for you: if you’re wanting to use one for an espresso machine, buy one that’s built-in. For example, I recently looked at the CYETUS (which was fantastic). It may be worth your while to take a look!

However, if you already have an espresso maker and just need a grinder, then the Huanyu Electric Coffee Bean Grinder will certainly do the job.