How to Easily Make the Malibu Dream Coffee Bean

How to easily make the malibu dream coffee bean

What better way can you spend a morning than looking out at the sunrise, drinking a fabulous iced coffee, and imagining yourself tanning your cheeks on a Malibu beach? Well, although we can’t magic you to Malibu, we can give you the second-best thing: a recipe for making the delicious Malibu dream coffee bean drink! 

Whether you are feeling the warm, crispy Malibu sand underneath your toes and seeing the deep blue sea shimmering before your eyes, or are many miles away stuck inside on a rainy day, soon you’ll be able to refresh with a Malibu dream in no time. 

With sumptuous flavors ranging from strawberries and bananas, added with fresh Malibu blend coffee pods, you will be able to tell from the first taste that you’ve found a winner.

What are the Ingredients?

How to Make the Malibu Dream Coffee Bean

This is a simple yet great recipe for making a delicious and flavorful iced coffee!

What’s more, there are only around 200 calories inside, making it easy to burn off and perfect for many diets.

First, put the banana, strawberries, vanilla ice cream, ice cubes, and milk into a blender and get blending. 

Secondly, put the Lola Savannah Malibu Blend Coffee Pod into your coffee pod machine. After the coffee has been poured, wait a few moments for it to cool down and add it to the mixture. 

Stir it a while, making sure that everything has been blended in perfectly, before pouring it into a tall glass of your choice.

Finally, add some whipped cream over the top and you’re good to go!

Why Choose the Lola Savannah Malibu Blend Coffee Pod for your Malibu Dream Coffee Bean?

Now, apart from the strawberries and bananas, you can choose many different types of ingredients and coffee blends to add to your drink. However, after trying many different types of pod coffee, we have come to the conclusion that the Malibu blend coffee pod is unbeatable in adding to these flavors. 

The extra rich taste of coconut, pecan, and praline in this coffee pod complements the other ingredients perfectly, making it a wonderful choice for your malibu dream coffee bean. 

What Extras Can I Add?

So, you’ve tried our recipe but are thinking of adding some extras to really make it stand out. So, what else can you include? 

Well, when it comes to this iced coffee drink in particular, the possibilities are endless. 

On top of your whipped cream, you can add caramel sauce to provide that rich, sweet taste, providing more variety on top of the drink.

If you’re looking for a more alcoholic option, add some Malibu rum to put the Malibu in the Malibu dream and provide your tastebuds with an even more refreshing and summery taste.  

These are only a few options, but you don’t have to take our word for it, experiment yourself with different ingredients to create a drink that is more personal and enjoyable to you. 

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