Cercisu Espresso Machine Review

Drinking average, boring coffee really takes all the fun out of my mornings, but great coffee gives me a spring in my step and gets me excited for the day. That’s why finding the best espresso machine can make all the difference.

As a coffee reviewer, I’m always on the lookout for coffee machines that can do just that. One that really stuck out to me on my travels was the Cercisu espresso machine – I knew I had to review it. 

In this comprehensive Cercisu espresso machine review, I will explore the features, performance, and overall value of this machine and whether it is really worth it or not. 

So, let’s not waste any more of your time and get started. 

My Star Rating

The Design and Build Quality

The look of the machine isn’t the greatest; it’s in no way the most beautiful machine I’ve ever seen. But it does have its quirks. The intuitive control panel is thoughtfully laid out, making it easy for both novice users and seasoned baristas to navigate.

On top of all this, the temperature gauge was another thoughtful touch. The majority of cheap coffee makers that have this feature usually have a temperature gauge that’s not quite accurate. But I must admit, this one was perfect. 

The 20-bar Pressure Pump

In my opinion, the heart and soul of any espresso machine lies in its ability to generate the perfect pressure for extracting the full flavor from coffee grounds. The Cercisu espresso machine boasts a powerful 20-bar pressure pump, ensuring each shot I brewed tasted great, with a rich crema to top it all off. It wasn’t the very best coffee I’ve ever tasted, but for the price, it was pretty good. 

Large Water Reservoir

The generous water reservoir minimizes my need for constant refilling, which I often find annoying. This allowed me to brew multiple cups without interruption. This is particularly convenient for me as I routinely have my friends over to try out the latest coffee machines. 

Steam Wand for Frothing

The integrated steam wand really helped me to elevate my coffee game. I could froth milk to perfection with the steam wand, and it produced both cappuccinos and lattes with no issues while I was making them. 


Caring for my Cercisu Espresso Machine is a breeze. The removable drip tray and water reservoir make cleaning relatively simple, while the durable exterior is resistant to stains and easy to wipe down. 

I did need to regularly descale this machine to ensure it continued to provide great coffee, but this didn’t take too long, and it’s well worth it when it comes to having great quality coffee again and again. 

Machine Specs

Wrapping Up My Cercisu Espresso Machine Review

When it comes to espresso machines, the Cercisu Espresso Machine stands out as a reliable option for many coffee enthusiasts. Its combination of 20-bar coffee, easy maintenance, cheap price, and consistent performance make it, in my opinion, a worthy investment for both beginners and seasoned coffee experts.

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